Sunday, 6 June 2010

New beginings, old soups

Tomorrow, I start a new job.

This has a number of implications. Firstly, I haven't written on here in ages, for which I apologise to anyone who minded. The rush of finishing up one job, preparing for another and organising a Greek-Cypriot themed meal for 17 for a friend's hen do conspired to squeeze out any spare time.

Secondly, I have a whole new office lunch set up to look forward to - focusing on fears over kitchen set up and the lunch-friendliness of colleagues is a wonderful way to quash some more significant fears about my ability to do the job in question.

Thirdly I have a later start and shorter commute so hopefully ( hopefully) I will have more time to photograph lunches and write before work...

But before all that, I have one last lunch from my old work - a classic standby of miso soup with rice noodles and salad/stir fry veg.

I have outlined the method below, though this one was unsual - normally I use a packet of prepared stir fry veg (M&S pea shoot variety when feeling flush; sainsbury's bean sprout variety at other times). On this occasion my stir fry had unjustly been thrown out by an over zealous colleague who thought it was off. So I substituted pea shoot salad borrowed from a colleague, and radishes which I keep in the fridge for snacking. Sliced in half with a squeezer of lemon and a dash of fish sauce (or sprinkle of salt for those of you with less scarred palettes), they make a good distraction from chocolate mid afternoon.

Office Miso

Packets of miso soup powder or paste
Rice noodles
Salad/stir fry veg of choice.
Large bowl, plate, kettle (microwave if possible)

add miso and noodles to bowl (I use two packets as I like strong tastes)
add noodles (you might have to break them up)
Pour over freshly boiled water to cover (85o water from water cooler/heater will work at a push but you'll need to leave ages and the noodles won't really soften)
cover and microwave for a minute or leave to stand for minute or two
(chop salad veg now if you need to)
Add stir fry/salad, stir through, add any seasoning (I like a lot of lemon juice and bit of soy)
Cover again and leave for 3-5 minutes (you might also want to pop in microwave if you want to wilt/soften the veg more, I like the crunch).


PS sorry no pic, I took one but have in the chaos of leaving mislaid the USB stick I put them on. Next time I make one I will snap and post


  1. Sounds tasty and healthy! Thanks from Peanut Butter and Jealous! We're always looking for work friendly lunches! :)

  2. Yum this sounds fantastic! Will definitely be trying this sometime soon, in my quest to not buy lunch and save money!

  3. Hallo, lovely to meet you at FBC last weekend and I look forward to reading about your lunches. Have you looked into sending pictures/blog posts from your mobile phone? If you look in your blogger dashboard settings somewhere it gives you a secret email address to publish stuff remotely via email. Save this email address in your mobile phone contacts then send your blog post as a picture message to that email address rather than a phone number. I used to do it with my son's blog just snapping pictures of him at various playgroups so my family knew what we'd been doing and it was very easy.

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  5. Lunchlady you are a woman after my own heart. I love lunch - and it is definitely the highlight of my (working) day - and not only because I have a crap job!

    I plan my weeks meals so that most days I have happy packing before I run for the bus and so never buy lunch more than once a week.

    Love your idea of rye and avocado when all else fails - it is one I shall try for sure.

    Sorry I didn't get to meet you at FBC - I would have enjoyed it!

    Good luck in your new job. Happy lunching!

  6. What a quick and tasty dish.I just love your selection of recipes.makes me feel very unimaginative.

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