Monday, 15 February 2010

An early lull

Today should have marked the triumphant start of Lunch club 2010. Instead, a combination of holidays and people having already given up because they are leaving in two weeks meant that no food was served today, nor will it be until Thursday.

But we will not dwell on the negatives; nor will we dwell on wondering why some people signed up for Lunch Club if they were just going to lame out.

Instead, let us think of the positives of lunch today - a reheat job but one of those occasions where reheating was just what the dish needed. Twas a combination of fried chicken, fried cooking apples and mash potatoes, parts of a Chicken and Apple with Cider and Cream dish I made at the weekend (or rather, we made, for my husband made it with me). The cider and cream sauce was uninspiring but the chicken and apples, splashed with tabasco, were a satisfying way to start the week. And most importantly they drew comments from my desk colleague, so gave a chance for food chats.

And last week, I was mostly enjoying Nigel Slater's Leek, Appple & LEmon soup from last month's OFM. Tis a sweet/sour broth, silky with leeks and served over toasted bread drizzled with olive oil. The bread soaks up the lemony broth and becomes a soft stodgy mess of yum.

We await with excitement whether team lame can live up to this kind of satisfying, diverting, discussion-making lunch....

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