Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The slump continues

Just a quick post to say Office Lunch Club fell flat on its arse due to general disorganisation. We are not deterred. We still love lunch, and we still love wittering on. We just need to take a new direction, to be confirmed. Probably it will just involve me posting pics of my lunches for a while until we think of a new event to cover.

In the meantime can I recommend Australian Masterchef as a wonder of light entertainment and food TV. If you like in the UK it is on Watch everynight at around 7 and it puts our Masterchef to shame. Sure we might be more highbrow, and serious in our approach, but no one does competition like the Aussies, and twice I have heard a contestant say words to the effect of 'meat on a stick is great, mate'. Tonight they are catering for a wedding and I expect to cry, as I do at any wedding related event or TV show.

Happy viewing.

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